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Thanks for visiting!

I hope you can find everything you need. I am focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction, and I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.

My teaching method has been developed by me from years of study, research and practical application. It is designed to simplify the swing thoughts. I use plain language and familiar examples to relate ideas to you. Also, my teaching method is flexible, so it can be applied to standard swing models or your own individual swing. I will not "cookie cut" or re-build every student's swing, but will rather build on your own foundation. Often, I am just stripping away old habits and adding adjustments, leaving you with your natural, free flowing swing. I will show you what to learn and how to learn it. YOU will do the learning, and it will STAY WITH YOU FOREVER.

I offer individual lessons, small group lessons, and package pricing. Short game clinics on the sand game, chipping, and putting are regularly available, and will be posted on this site weekly. Only a very limited number of students are assigned to each group to allow for individual attention, and the highest quality learning experience. 

Introducing Hudl!

I'm now using the FREE swing analysis app Hudl with all my students. Hudl is a terrific teaching tool that allows my students to see their swings in slow motion. I'm able to show them not only what's good about their swings, but also what they need to work on. I can use drawing tools and side by side comparisons to let my students visualize what they need to work on to improve their swing. Hudl has really helped me tremendously in helping my students reach their goals. I honestly don't know how I ever lived without this teaching tool.

Have a question about your golf swing that you'd like answered? Let me know what it is. I'll be happy to try to help.

I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to the website. There's much more to come!

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