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What I Teach

If you decide to take private lessons with me, or if you attend one of my full swing clinics, you'll notice that I focus on two main swing elements: swing plane and wrist position. It is very difficult to hit good, consistent shots if you don't master these two swing fundamentals. There are many ways to feel it and make it happen, but even more ways to explain it. I know lots of different swing thoughts that can bring you to the right plane and wrist position. I hope you consider taking a lesson or attending clinic, so we can work on your game.

Check the touring pros. Most have a nice flat wrist position at the top of the swing, and their swing is on perfect plane. That's why they make great circles!

Please check out my Rates and Scheduling Page. I'm ready for individual lessons and clinics, starting now! Why wait until it goes bad? Let me help you with your swing now, and make this the best year of golf you've ever had.

I've got some great information for everyone, and I'd like to share it with you. Call or email me for a lesson.



Now Using Ubersense!

I've recently incorporated the video swing analysis tool Ubersense into my teaching. Ubersense is a FREE video app that allows me to break down the swings of all my students in slow motion. It also has an on screen drawing tool, and even has the capability of producing side by side comparisons. My students are loving it! 

Student Progress Reports

Congratulations to Derek Tiago.

   Hey Dick,

Played 9 today after work, hit 4 greens from 30-50yds with a flat to cup. Was on the green for par or birdie puts on ever hole. Was great to have some new tips and tricks in my hat. Ended up shooting a 41, best of the season! Just wanted to say thank you. None of the guys I play with believe that I only started playing last year.     

Congratulations to Sue Lally of New Jersey:

Sue won the Women's A-Flight club championship this past weekend.

"Thanks to you"

Great job Sue

Congratulations to Mark and Dave, 

Marc and I took the package you offered to Men's League members.

We completed two of the three lessons but couldn't fit in the last. I just wanted to let you know that because of those lessons you provided, we got into the playoffs and are now going to be playing for the championship this Thursday. I can't describe fully how grateful I am for your insight and instruction especially changing my grip. Marc's game has improved also. As a matter of fact, this past Sunday we participated in a tournament in support of assistance for people with mental illness and support of their families (NAMI). We did well and I won longest drive out of 148 golfers with a 280 yard drive. I Never could have done this without your teaching. God bless and thank you, thank you, thank you. Dave G

Congrats to Joe Carney of Raynham for winning his tier of the club championship. All that hard work has paid off.

Nice round Joe!

Congratulations to Tom F. Hi Dick, it's Tom from the rain delay golf lesson last Sunday. I played Monday and used the swing techniques we worked on. I had my best round of the year!

Thanks Dick; golf is a lot more fun when you play better!


  • Congratulations to Keith Black."I shot my best rounds of the year for an 88 and 87 over the weekend at Old Scotty, hit some really great Iron shots. The lessons are definitely helping a lot, I still had some bad holes out there and probably could have shot even better but I was happy with both rounds." Keith started with a good swing and a few tweaks was all he needed. Low scores are definitely coming for him.
  • Congratulations to Dave Duarte. Dave is a 12 handicap (currently) who shot a lifetime best 37 for 9 holes. Say goodbye to that handicap, Dave. Those days will soon be gone.
  • Congratulations to Matt Dauwer.
  • "Just to update you on my progress, I played a round at Rochester Golf Club last weekend and finally broke 100 and shot a 95! (true score). That also included my first birdie."
  • This is fast progress for Matt. He'll soon be in the 80s and never looking back.
  • Congratulations to Richard Harris of West Bridgewater, a seven handicap player who scored 73 and 72 on consecutive weekends in June. Many more of those in Rich's future with his new, refined swing. (and Rich is Freddie Couples smoooooth)
  • Congratulations to John Mascheri of West Bridgewater, who scored a personal best competitive 35 in the Thursday night Men's League. John is a tireless worker on the range and it has paid off for him. Wait until he gets completely comfortable with that new swing! You're right on plane, John, and it keeps getting better!
  • Congratulations to Steve Salisbury - 8 stroke drop in one month for lowest lifetime score.
  • Congratulations to Brian Robbins - First career hole in one - Lakeville CC.
  • Congratulations to David Ellis - First career hole in one - Brockton CC.
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